The isolated location of Fartaritx led to unique lifeforms with significant endemic flora and unique plants. There are various orchids and over ten species of ferns. There also the remains of the stone-oak forest, of an ancient autochthonous forest, as well as rare tree species such as the yew, the pine tree (Pi de sa Pedrissa), or the cedar (Cedre de Massanella).


In 1484, Pere Pont purchased the land called "alcaria a fartarig", which means a land in the valley of Fartarig, the valley of the springs (falcanig from the Latin = spring) (Coll de Fartàritx) to the north at the foot of the mountain "Puig de Ca"(876m). It borders the municipality of Escorca, the country of Fartàritx d'en Vila, Molinet, Minergran and Mola.